Welcome to the School Personnel Training Module

Welcome to the Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training - California. This program is self-paced and will provide an overview of the significant definitions, requirements and protections of the California Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA). You will learn:

  • What the law requires of you as a mandated reporter
  • How to spot indicators of possible child abuse or neglect
  • How to talk to children about suspected abuse
  • How to make a report
  • What happens after a report is filed
  • Special issues related to child abuse reporting in the school environment

At the conclusion of the training you will take a final exam which will test the information that you have learned during the training. NOTE: If you are taking this training as part of a large group, each individual must take and pass the final test separately. Upon scoring an 80% or higher you will be able to print your certificate and will be emailed a proof of your completion of this training. This is a stand alone training that does not require the General Training to be taken first.

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