Lesson 4 - Licensing Requirement

Charter Schools
Charter schools are public schools organized by a group of parents, community leaders, and educators, and are usually sponsored by a public school governing board or county office of education. Although charter schools are generally exempt from most laws governing school districts, all laws regarding the need to report suspected child abuse apply equally to employees of charter schools. If a child stops attending a charter school program, this should be reported to the local school district that has jurisdiction.

Home-Schooled Children
In California, a child may be taught at home. For more detailed information about home schooling requirements click here. A home-schooled child who is suspected to be the victim of child abuse should be reported to child protective authorities. If the concern for the child regards the education he or she is receiving, the local school district should be contacted. Education Code section 48290 requires the governing board of any school district to make full and impartial investigation of all charges that a parent or guardian is violating any of California’s compulsory education laws.

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